Olympic Lifting

The sport of Olympic lifting is a fascinating combination of incredible skill and awesome power.  It is unique in its requirement for excellent mobility, speed, technique and strength.  Our AWF (Australian Weightlifting Federation) certified coaches have been taught and trained with some of the best coaches and lifters in the Olympic lifting game and will work hard to impart that hard earned knowledge to you.

Our Olympic lifting program will benefit those who intend have an interest in the sport of Olympic lifting, those who want to improve their functional mobility and movement, those who want to improve power generation for their sport specific applications and those who want to participate in our CrossFit classes.  It is also worth noting that our Olympic lifting program is not just for athletes in peak condition.  In the past we have worked with students ranging from professional rugby players to 70 year young fitness enthusiasts.  Once you start Olympic lifting, it can be amazingly easy to become enthused by the intricacies of the movements and the will to perfect form and maximise performances.  Our coaches will ensure that you build a solid foundation of technique, strength and mobility that allow you to enjoy rapid progression and advancement.