We have a strong belief in the development of a high level of functional mobility.  It is easy to work on conditioning or strength and forget the importance of good mobility.  Two of the greatest risks for sporting injury and previous injury and asymmetry.  Our mobility program strongly focuses on mobility deficits whether they be from previous injury, poor stability or limited flexibility.  We will also work on correctives that will improve symmetry in our movement.

The foundation of our mobility program is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and its associated corrective exercises.  The FMS was developed by renowned physiotherapists Gray Cook and Lee Burton.  Together they established a need in the health and fitness industries for a screen that could be used to help detect potential injury and physical limitations.  The resulting Functional Movement Screen has been adopted world wide by physiotherapists, chiropractors, coaches and trainers.  Not only will the Functional Movement Screen help with minimisation of injury, but improved mobility will also have a positive effect on sporting performance and general quality of life.

On top of the FMS we will also work with regular flexibility, joint mobility, Yoga, Jujitsu mobility drills and other mobility techniques to create a fun program that will have you moving like a teenager again!