Latitude 44 StrongFit

Our StrongFit class offers a unique approach to group fitness training environments.  Whilst others will offer a one size fits all workout that may be good for all but great for none, our StrongFit class utilises individualised, proven strength and conditioning programs to best meet each members needs.  Each class will typically be broken up into warmup/mobility, strength, conditioning and finishing with some flexibility work to cool down.

The strength component of the class usually runs for 20-30 minutes and will involve working on a personalised strength program that has been developed by one of our skilled coaching staff to directly meet your own personal needs.  These programs may vary focus from power lifting, to olympic lifting, to bodyweight work, to kettlebell work, to specific core or stability drills.  We will work to assess how to attain your goals in the safest most efficient way possible and develop a program specifically for you.

The second half of our StrongFit class will be a group conditioning workout.  Whilst the strength work in the class will be individualised, we will all get together for the second half of the class to participate in a functional, high intensity workout.  Don’t worry if you may not be in the best of shape, this workout will be provided with scaling options to enable all participants to be working at the right level for their own abilities and fitness levels.  Typically this workout will involve a range of functional conditioning activities such as skipping, medicine ball work, body weight exercises, kettlebell swings, tyre dragging, running, rope drills, box jumping and more.

The greatest benefit of this class to our members is that you get the guidance, programming and support of a your own coach, but also get the fun camaraderie of sharing a challenging high intensity conditioning workout with the group.

For those that are used to CrossFit style training and would like to join up, or just drop in for a visit, please feel free to contact us as drop-ins are always most welcome!