Our Coaches

Simon Moses

Simon has an insatiable drive for coaching and getting results for his clients.  His approach is based on building a solid platform of technique, mobility and strength then utilising that foundation to better achieve individual goals be they endurance, strength, weight loss,  better quality of life or other sport specific performance.  Simon is friendly, approachable and works with practical, proven strength, condition and mobility development methodologies.

Simon originally comes from an engineering background with degrees in Electronic Systems Engineering and Applied Science.  He has been coaching various sports since 1992 that include boxing, kickboxing, climbing and general strength and conditioning.  He has certifications as a Level 1 RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification), Level 1 SFG (StrongFirst Gyra), Level 2 SFG, Level 1 AWF Coach (Australian Weightlifting Federation), Level 1 FMS Practitioner (Functional Movement Screen), ASADA Pure Performance (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) and Play by the Rules – ‘Child Protection’ & ‘Harassment and Discrimination’.