Our Approach

Our approach is firmly rooted in simplicity.  Great training results do not rely on fancy machines, complicated exercises, vague programming or one size fits all packages.

We focus on the proven basics and apply a dedication to excellent technique, pay attention to your individual goals and ensure you have a sufficient level of mobility to succeed.
  1. We believe in the assessment and development of mobility as a fundamental building block of fitness.  A high level of functioning mobility and movement will ensure that you minimise the chances of injury and maximise your training and sport specific performance.  We utilise the Functional Movement Screen and associated correctives developed by leading physiotherapist Gray Cook to assist us in the pursuit of excellence in this area.
  2. We believe in the development of strength.  It does not matter whether you are looking for weight loss, endurance or strength itself.  The development of a functional strength platform will ensure that you are on the fastest path to achieve your training success.  With regards to weight loss, you could perform light weight “cardio” work that will burn modest calories, or alternatively you could build a lean strength base and work with effective weight that will burn far more calories and stimulate your metabolism to ensure you continue to burn calories even after your workout has completed.  With regards to endurance, modern endurance coaches are consolidating the concept that strength, speed and power are critical to endurance sport success.  World renowned coaches such as Gabrielle Rosa successfully coached many marathon runners to world and Olympic titles by emphasising strength and speed in his training programs.  Despite his drug abuse, athletes such as Lance Armstrong maintained that exceptional strength enabled him to operate at an aerobic level rather than anaerobic level on grueling hill climbs.  This allowed him to have an edge over his competitors as the continued anaerobic excretion took its toll on those around him.  For athletes that require strength and power as part of their sport, there can never be enough.  We can customise programs to target either lean or hypertrophic strength in record time.
  3. We believe in quality of exercise.  You can choose to spend time doing incomplete, partial or cheat repetitions of an exercise, or you can choose to grind each repetition out with perfect form.  The first path will potentially increase the chances of injury and waste valuable workout time.  The second path will ensure that you are exercising safely and maximising your strength and conditioning gains.  We will help perfect your technique and ensure that you are working efficiently and safely towards better performance.
  4. We believe in having fun!  Don’t you?