About Us

We are a group of people who have a passion for training and helping others train to achieve outstanding results. 

Our methodology to ensure successful coaching of clients has been to try and source knowledge and expertise from world leaders in their field.  This has involved extensive travel, committment and time to work with leaders of the fitness industry such as Lynn Jones (current director of the Australian Weightlifting Federation, previous head coach of the Australian Weightlifting team, previous director of US Weightlifting), Ben Turner (Commonwealth Gold Medalist in Weightlifting and senior AWF coach), Sean Cairns (Master SFG Instructor), John Engum (Master SFG Instructor) and Eduardo Dias (3rd Degree Brazilian Jujitsu Black Belt).

Our goal is to be able to coach our clients utilising programs and methodologies developed and proven by highly successful veterans of the fitness industry.  Our drive to learn from some of the best has enabled us to improve ourselves as coaches and  be able to pass on this highly valuable knowledge, skills and technique.

Whilst our ability to successfully coach and achieve outstanding results with a safety focused approach is incredibly important to us, it is also equally important that we are friendly, easy to get along with and strive to make our training sessions fun and interesting.

We like to think of our clients as more than just customers, but also friends who deserve our respect, attention and best intent. 

If you may be interested to find out more, please contact us to book a time to have a chat about your needs and how we may be able to help!