Private Coaching

Do you have a desire to achieve more than the expected?

Our private coaching is the surest way to fast track progress towards and beyond your goals.  The ability to spend quality one on one time with a high-level, passionate, certified coach will ensure that you can develop to your potential.  The advantages of personalised coaching include:

  • The ability to have programs and workouts developed specific to your objectives
  • Our time can be dedicated to maximising your quality of movement and technique
  • You can dedicate time to learning and benefiting from more advanced exercises and activities
  • We can develop customised corrective routines to ensure that any mobility or movement deficits can be rectified
  • If necessary we can work hand in hand with nutritionists, physiotherapists or other medical professionals to ensure that training activities are customised to take into account any medical, health concerns or performance objectives
  • We can ensure that we utilise techniques and cues that best motivate you to achieve success
  • We are fun people and want to make sure that each session is enjoyable and that a friendly relationship can be developed

Our coaching will benefit participants of all levels.   You may be recovering from a chronic injury or performing at the top of your game, we have the expertise and experience to provide the highest level of assistance.  We have helped clients regain mobility that they thought was impossible and have helped athletes achieve international level performances.  What is most important is that when you walk in our doors, no matter what your goals or abilities, you will be our 100% focus for our time together.  We love the work we do and your success is our most important goal.

Please contact us if you would like to book in a session or discuss personal coaching options.