Our pricing structure is quite unique.  When you purchase a membership at Latitude 44 Fitness there is no need to lock into a contract, you can attend any of our scheduled classes under any program and you can alter your membership plan as your needs change.  That is, if you say purchase a three visit per week membership you can mix and match any combination of classes per week and change that combination of classes every week as you so choose.  For example you could attend two StorngFit and one Mobility class one week, then attend one StrongFit class, one Mobility class and one Boxing class the next.  Our goal is to provide the flexibility that enables you to cost effectively get premium level coaching in the activities that serve you best when your availability dictates.

To review our current pricing, please check our sign-up page.

Once you have signed up for a membership you will need to book into any classes you wish to attend.  To book into a class simply go to our timetable and click on the class that you wish to attend.  We use this simple online booking method to ensure that a maximum of only eight participants are attending any one class.  If you have any trouble trying to book in, please give us a call on 03 669 3444 and we will  be more than happy to help.