Welcome to Latitude 44 Fitness

What is Latitude 44 Fitness?  Well, we are not a gym and we are not a physiotherapy clinic and not even really personal trainers.

What we are is a results oriented training studio.  Please don’t think that this means that our facilities and services are geared only to elite athletes.  Our approach, expertise and environment is geared to achieve excellent results regardless of your age, fitness level or athletic ability.

We utilise, design and run state of the art fitness programs used in conjunction with mobility and flexibility training, diet management and continual assessment to ensure that you achieve the goals that you have chosen for your training with us.

What are we going to do to help achieve these goals you might ask?  We run a number of different programs aimed at various strength, intensity, mobility and activity oriented levels.  These programs include StrongFit, Kettlebells, Mobility, Olympic Lifting and Boxing.

  • Our StrongFit program is aimed at average to advanced athletes and is unique in its highly successful combination of individually programmed strength and group fitness work.  The classes will typically involve a warmup, 20-30 minutes of strength work, 20-30 minutes of conditioning work and some stretching to cool down with.
  • Our Kettlebell program will offer great benefit to anyone from those of more advanced years, to those who may be taking up training after a long break, and to athletes at an elite level.  Our program is taught by certified trainers based on the extensively proven RKC and SFG training methodologies.  Our kettlebell sessions will not only rely on the use of the kettlebell, but will involve bodyweight training, mobility drills and use of other gym equipment.  Our goal is not to just teach you how to use a kettlebell, but how to use strength, mobility and conditioning with the kettlebell being the staple of our tool kit.
  • Whether you are an elite runner or an out of shape mum, mobility training will improve your performance whether that be through being able to roll around on the floor with your kids, improve your running gait, or increase your resistance to injury.  The fundamental principles of our mobility training are based on the work of Gray Cook and his FMS (Functional Movement Screen).  We utilise a combination of FMS based mobility and movement progressions, yoga, jujitsu mobility drills and primal move drills to help you move with greater strength, range of motion and coordination.
  • There are few sports that will teach you as much about power generation as Olympic Lifting.  Our AWF (Australian Weightlifting Federation) certified Olympic Lifting coaches have studied under some of the highest level Olympic Lifting practitioners, and offer advanced technique and program development.  Whether you are a rugby forward, a downhill skier, a diehard iron lifter or even a multisport athlete, our program will help maximise your power generation and sport specific application.  Additionally, many of our advanced functional fitness workouts will be based on Olympic Lifts and their variations.  This class will get you prepared to deal with these high level sessions.
  • Our boxing classes are open to one and all who have a will to participate in the sport of boxing.  Initially sessions will revolve around developing boxing skills and fitness, however skill oriented sparring will be offered once basic  competencies have been reached.

As we said at the beginning we are not a gym.

We are a training studio that specialises in the development of strength, mobility and conditioning. 

Our programs are geared to focus on these three key criteria to ensure that we can meet your goals as best as possible.

Whilst achieving your desired results is a critical driver for us, we also want to make sure we don’t forget two other important things.  The first is that we don’t believe that fitness training should be torture, degrading or frustrating.

We will work to the best of our abilities to ensure that you train in a positive, friendly and success oriented environment. 

We don’t want you to just come to  Latitude 44 Fitness just to get fit, we want you to be able to come here to meet friends, learn new skills and enjoy the success of achieving your desired training goals.

Finally, we want to stress that safety is our last and maybe most important key driver.  It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or an elite athlete, injuries like a tweaked back can be incredibly difficult on your family or put a big dent in your upcoming competition season.  We will focus on systems and processes, advanced training techniques, exceptional skill development and conservative coaching to ensure that every precaution is taken to minimise injury without stifling performance.

To find out more about us, please browse through our site, or alternatively please visit our contact page and either call or email with any questions or information you may require! Most importantly, please feel free to drop in any time during our gym open hours or alternatively call us to tee up a time so you can have a chat with one of our coaches and see how we can help you!